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Interview to Confession,
The Art of the Gentle Interrogation

This text is 81/2  by 11 inches
It consists of 313 pages, and over 350 pictures and
illustrations. It is coil bound for easy use and reference

It presents the process of criminal investigation from
Interview to Confession,
featuring the
"Coordinated Behavior Response"
Technique of interviews developed by the authors
John C. Bowden & Michael E. Lane

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Field Training Pocket Guide
For Law Enforcement or Corrections

This is a Standardized Evaluation
Guideline (SEG) pocket guide, published
by APTAC publications.  The FTO is
required to evaluate the trainee every day
on the daily observation report (DOR)
using the standardized guidelines.  This
pocket guide is designed to be easily  
carried by the FTO and be readily
accessible for evaluation. The SEGs are
based on the San Jose’ model.

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Today's Field Training Officer Text

This is a text for the Field Training Officer.  The
field training program for an agency is one of the
most important training programs an agency
maintains.  The program model presented by this
text follows the program model originated by the
San Jose Police Department in 1972 and has
become the national standard.  It provides a
complete description of the FTO program and its
use in the law enforcement agency.  
It is an excellent companion to aid the FTO in the
training of new recruits.
One version is for the Law Enforcement
and one version is for
the Corrections Officer.  Although both fields are
similar, there are significant differences in the
tasks performed.   Each version is customized for
use in either Law Enforcement or Corrections.

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Investigator's Pocket Guide To Interviews & Interrogations

This text is 31/2  by 7 inches, It is designed to go in the pocket, for quick reference
It consists of 53 pages, containing helpful  information extracted from the text .
It is coil bound for easy use and reference.

This guide was developed to be a quick reference for the investigator, detective or officer seeking
information from victims, witnesses or suspects. It contains reference charts in the following areas:

Coordinated Behavioral Response Chart
Miranda – Case Law – Interrogation Chart
Suspect Identification Questions
Interview Room Set-Up
Physiological Responses
Visual Cue Charts
Cue Words For Communications
Proxemics Chart - CBR Question Chart
Types Of Questions - Dual-Option Questions
Suspect Identification Interview
Stress Reaction Chart
Behavioral Response Chart
Suspect Identification Questions & Responses

This reference guide aids the investigator in establishing a rapport with all subjects.  It provides
techniques to detect truth or deception and identify the perpetrator. The visual cue reference charts
in conjunction with the cue words in communications, provide tools to gain rapport and trust,
leading to confessions.  The list of suspect identification questions aid in identifying the perpetrator
of the offense. The questioning chart identifies the type of questions and techniques to use in each
step of the interrogation.  All of these charts and processes are excerpts from the text
“Interview To Confession; The Art of the Gentle Interrogation.”
written by John C. Bowden and Michael E. Lane and published by APTAC Publishing.
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FTO Book & Pocket Guide

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