About The Director & Instructors
Quality & Excellence In Criminal Justice Training
John Bowden
Eddie Lane
John Bowden is the founder and director of Applied
Police Training And Certification. He is a retired
veteran of law enforcement, retired from the Orlando
Police Department as a Master Police Officer In
1994.  His career spans a period of 21 years in law
enforcement overlapping 25 years of law
enforcement instruction.  His total of over 37 years of
experience includes all aspects of law enforcement to
include: uniform crime scene technician, patrol
operations, investigations, undercover operations,
planning and research for departmental
development, academy coordinator, field training
officer, and field training supervisor.   
He received over 90 awards of recognition in his career with the Orlando Police
Department. As the director of APTAC, he is responsible for coordinating
operations,  and conducting training for law enforcement organizations across the
United States. The clients of
APTAC include law enforcement agencies, state police
academies, sheriff departments, correctional institutions, military law enforcement
and colleges and universities across the United States.   As the director of APTAC
Publications, he  publishes and markets law enforcement text books to schools and
criminal justice organizations.  John has developed numerous  training
programs and training curricula for law enforcement.  Among these programs, he developed a State Grant
Course for Florida on DUI Checkpoints that is taught to Law Enforcement officers.  He developed a Review
Course for the Florida State Examination for law enforcement and corrections that has been offered at criminal
justice academies.  The course achieved a 100% pass rate for the students that successfully completed the
program.  John is a recognized expert in the field of police report writing.  He developed  the  
"Time Line
as a system of report writing that has revolutionized the methods for writing police reports as well as the
methods and materials for teaching report writing.   As a writer,  John has written the following
books:  "Report
Writing for Law Enforcement & Corrections"; "Advanced Report Writing"; Report Writing And Review For
Supervisors and FTOs";  "Interview to Confession, The Art of the Gentle Interrogation”  textbook;  “Today’s Field
Training Officer,”  text book for both Law Enforcement & Corrections, “Management Techniques For Law
Enforcement Supervisors"; "Tactical Street Interviews For Law Enforcement.";"Introduction To Body Language
For Law Enforcement." He also edited and published the text “English Grammar For Criminal Justice
Professionals,” written by Dr. David Hernandez.  John has written and published
articles for law enforcement that
have appeared in professional publications.  John writes articles for
"Police One Magazine" and regularly
contributes to
"Caliber Press".   John is featured in two one-half hour programs on report writing for the Law
Enforcement Television Network (LETN).  John also produced a one hour video program on interviews and
Interrogations used in conjunction with training courses in Interviews and Interrogations.  John graduated Summa
Cum Laude from Rollins College, in Winter Park Florida  with an A.A. in Criminal Justice and a B.S. in Business
Administration.   He has post graduate work in Law, Management and Computer Science.   He was originally
certified as an instructor in the state of Florida where he is qualified to teach defensive tactics, police driving,
firearms, human diversity and general subjects.   He is included among a small group of Trainers without a law
degree to teach legal subjects in Florida police academies.  He is a certified instructor in numerous states
qualified to teach a wide range of criminal justice subjects. John is certified by the Police Officer Standards and
Training (POST) commissions  in numerous states, where he teaches criminal justice programs.   John has
taught courses across the United States at Universities,  Colleges,  Police Academies,  Military institutions,  
Seminars and Private Enterprise.  His vast experience in numerous training subjects give him a unique
perspective of law enforcement operations that complements all of his training courses.  John’s enthusiasm and
dedication to quality guarantees the highest level of performance and the satisfaction of his students as
demonstrated by their excellent course reviews.  As the director of APTAC he coordinates training operations,
publications and seminars. He now lives in Oklahoma where he occasionally rides a horse.
Michael (Eddie) Lane is an APTAC instructor teaching APTAC Interview and
Interrogation programs. He is certified by the American Polygraph Association as
a Primary Polygraph Instructor, and has a total of 37 years of law enforcement
experience. He is a retired North Carolina State Highway Patrol Sergeant and
former head of NC Highway Patrol Polygraph Program.   He was a detective and
primary polygraph examiner with the Wilson County Sheriff  Office until his second
retirement in 2009. He currently owns and manages the private polygraph
company M.E. Lane Inc. Mr. Lane is a graduate of the Virginia School of
Polygraph with 16 years of polygraph experience and specializes in the field of
interviews and interrogation. While in law enforcement Mr. Lane received numerous valor awards to include
Lifesaving, NC Highway Patrol Officer of the year and the NC Governors Award for Bravery and Heroism. Mr.
Lane has trained hundreds of law enforcement officers and private examiners across the country and abroad.
Mr. Lane is a certified instructor in Firearms, Radar, Defensive Driving, Interviews  Interrogations, and
polygraph examinations. Mr. Lane conducts testing for criminal investigations, post-conviction sex offender
testing, non-criminal interviews and polygraph examinations such as pre-employment screenings. Mr. Lane is
currently the President of the NC Polygraph Association. Mr. Lane holds certificates for NC Advanced Law
Enforcement, Law Enforcement Polygraph Examiner, Post-Conviction Sex Offender Testing and as an APTAC
Interview and Interrogation Instructor. Mr. Lane is an instructor for the Virginia School of Polygraph for the
basic polygraph training course. He lives in North Carolina where he loves to hunt.