Advanced Interviews & Interrogations
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Advanced Interviews & Interrogations

This course on advanced Interviews and
Interrogations is designed for street officers or
investigators interested in furthering their
interview and interrogation skills.  It is
recommended that the student have taken a
preliminary course in interviews and
interrogations upon which this course will build.  
This course will not cover the basic interview
techniques covered in a preliminary course.  
This course will concentrate on two aspects of
the interview and Interrogation.  The first is
meaningful behavior with the structured
interview.  The Second is the interrogation itself
to obtain a confession.  After each phase of
training the student  will take part in numerous
class exercises to practice the techniques
learned. The techniques that are taught in this
course have been tried, tested and proven to
work in real life situations.
The Course

The course is accompanied by the text "An Investigator’s Guide To Interviews and
Interrogations." by John Bowden.  The presentation of the course is by lecture
accompanied by videos,  and numerous handouts.  The course is supported by practical
application exercises that allow the students to practice the skills and techniques taught
during the course.   Students will also review videos of real interrogations and critique the
techniques observed.  This course has been presented to line officers, police
investigators from across the United States as well as Investigators from around the
world.  Students that have taken this course have reported excellent results using these
techniques and a significant improvement in their interview and interrogation skills.  It is
the goal of this course to train the student to conduct more effective and productive
interviews and interrogations.  Interviews that get more quality information and
interrogations that end in confessions.

24 & 40 Hour Cours

The difference in the 24 and 40 hour course is in the number of training scenarios
presented for the students to practice the skills learned in class.

Course Overview
Learn how body language is used in
everyday communications and how to read
non-verbal gestures.  See and discuss
examples of body language in everyday life.

Interviewing With Kinesics
Learn how to read kinesic behavior in
kinesics as it applies to the interview.

Meaningful Behavior
Review the types of behavior that are
meaningful to the interview.  Review videos
of behavior and discuss its relationship to
the interview.

Diagnostic Question Interview
Learn how to conduct a diagnostic interview
that will help determine a person's
innocence or guilt.  A technique that will
quickly help to identify the guilty party and
speed up the process that leads to the

Diagnostic Question Exercises
A valuable part of this course is the
participation in practical exercises using
structured exercises.  The student will have
the opportunity to conduct  numerous
structured interview exercises  using the
skills learned in the class.

The Interrogation
Learn the techniques of an Interrogation
using topics to develop an interview strategy
leading to a  confession from the subject.
Denials & Arguments
Learn to overcome denials from a guilty
suspect leading them to use arguments
that can be used to guide  them to a

The Alternative Question
Learn how and when to ask the alternative
question to get the first admission, the first
step towards a confession.

The Admission
Learn to recognize the most subtle verbal
and non-verbal admissions, reward it and
turn it into a full confession.

Learn the critical elements of obtaining a
full confession from a subject that has
been interrogated

Review of Interrogation Videos
Review video tapes of real interrogations
and critique the interview techniques.

Interrogation Exercises
Put into practice the interrogation
techniques you have learned by actually
conducting interrogations in the class
room.  Receive feedback on your skills and
pointers on how to improve your technique.

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