Instructor Development
Quality & Excellence In Criminal Justice Training

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Lengths Of
80 Hours (Fla)

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Course Overview

This course is an excellent preparation for participants to teach in academy training,  
in-service instruction or general teaching.  Supervisors will find this course a valuable tool to
add to their management skills used in teaching, critiquing and counseling subordinates.  
Participants that have taken this course have given rave reviews about the information that
they have learn
ed and have been surprised at how enjoyable teaching and learning
can be.

40 Hour Course

The 40 hour course offered by APTAC is presented in a one week time period.  The final two
days are devoted to student presentations where participants teach the ½ hour lesson plan
they have developed during the course. In addition, during the course, the students are
required to deliver a one minute prepared speech and a one minute impromptu speech.

88 Hour Course

The 88 hour training course is an expanded version of the 40 hour course presented in a 2
week time period.  The 88 hour course is presented to meet the Florida Criminal Justice
Standards and Training Commission (CJSTC) requirements.  This course consists of 80
hours of instructor training and 8 hours of Human Diversity for instructors.  In addition,
students are required to write and present a 50 minute lesson plan, give a 5 minute
prepared speech, give a 5 minute impromptu speech and deliver two group presentations
using two of the 3 methods of instruction.


Instructor Development

This course is designed to teach the police
instructor the techniques needed to conduct
training for criminal justice professionals.  
The course presents the information
necessary for the law enforcement instructor
to assess training needs, prepare the
appropriate lesson plans, present the
instruction to the student and effectively
evaluate the level of learning by the
student.  During this course the participant
will develop a lesson plan on a subject of
the participant’s choice. The lesson will
include the instructor’s lesson,  a student
guide, 3 training aids, and a final test.  The
participant will present the lesson to the
participant class and be evaluated by the
instructor.  The student will be video taped  
during   the   presentation   for  review   and
evaluation of techniques.  Participants will
be given instruction on speaking techniques
and be required to give both prepared and
impromptu speeches to the class.
The Role of The Instructor
This block defines the role of the
instructor in the planning, organizing, and
teaching a training course.  The
participant will learn the methods to
present a successful training course

Principles of Learning
This block is designed to teach the
student the principles of effective
instruction as they are related to the
instructional process, student motivation,
use of questioning techniques and other
related concepts.

Training Liability
This block will focus on the participant’s
awareness of the liabilities attached to
trainers and their respective agencies.  
The participants will be taught the basic
concepts of civil and criminal liabilities
under current codes and statutes related
to high risk training.  They will also be
exposed to the standards of care
associated with criminal justice instructors
and trainers.  The participants will  learn
about the high litigation probabilities
connected to criminal justice training.

Learning Aids
This block exposes the student to the
benefits of learning aids in the
instructional process.  The student will
learn how to develop training aids to be
used in the final presentation

Adult Learning
The student will be exposed to the
principles of adult learning and will learn
the characteristics of an effective learning
This block introduces the student to the
principles of communication theory and
the development of skills in public
speaking.  The student will practice these
skills by delivering a prepared and an
impromptu speech in class.

Lesson Plan Development
This block is designed to teach the
participant the purpose of lesson plans
and how it relates to the instructional
process. The participant will learn how to
develop student performance objectives
and how to write lesson plans.

Methods of Instruction
The participant will learn and
demonstrate the three methods of
instruction; the lecture, the demonstration
and the simulation.  The participant will
learn the most effective method to select
based on course curriculum.

Testing and Evaluation
The student will learn how measurement
and evaluation contribute to the learning
process.  The student will learn the
different types of test items and how to
write test questions.  The participant will  
gain an understanding of the concepts of
test validity and reliability

Final Evaluation
The student will be required to complete
the following tasks to successfully
complete this course: write a lesson plan
for an in-class presentation,  present the
lesson to the class,  deliver one short
prepared speech, deliver one short
impromptu speech, and successfully pass
a final course exam.

A Professional
Certificate Is
Issued With
Each Course