Quality & Excellence In Criminal Justice Training
The following links have been found to be useful in the
gathering of information on law enforcement, legal  issues and
other matters.  We recommend you check them out.

LEFTA, a comprehensive field training software program, provides report specific
solutions for improving the documentation of recruits during their FTO training and
probationary periods. Our FTO training software is a field training management
application that will automate the documenting of your field training program by
assisting in scheduling, daily documentation, reporting and much more.

PoliceOne.com  -  An excellent site for the exchange of information in law
enforcement.   Articles, stories, police products and more.  Become a subscriber for    
free and receive regular issues of this online magazine.

Caliber Press  -  Home of the street survival seminar as well as a police forum for the    
         exchange of ideas.  Read articles on police tactics and techniques.  
         Membership is reserved for law enforcement and corrections officers.

Eastern North Carolina Polygraph Services

A premier provider of computerized polygraph and interview services,    their  #1 goal
is to provide their customers with the very best and most    professional service

DOJES.com  -   Doje's  forensic supplies provides quality products at the lowest
        possible prices to the forensic community.

KenWallentine.com - Ken Wallentine is a public safety professional offering
consultation  and expert witness litigation support services.  This site provides  an
excellent analysis and presentation of current legal rulings     effecting law
enforcement.  Ken Wallentine is a veteran law     enforcement administrator, risk
manager, and former prosecutor  and civil litigator, Ken Wallentine can help your city,
town, county,  or business meet public safety challenges. Ken Wallentine is    licensed
to practice law in the State of Utah, and in various  federal courts.  

National Institute Of Ethics - The National Institute of Ethics is the nation's largest  
          provider of law enforcement and corrections ethics  training.  
          Established in 1991, the Institute is a Congressional award winning,
          nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to furthering ethics and
          integrity throughout America.   They provide integrity-related
          seminars, DVD training tapes, manuals, books, conference
          presentations, keynote speeches on integrity for corporate
          conferences, integrity assessments and consulting that helps
          prevent unethical acts.

I.F.A.T.   -   The Institute of Applied Forensic Technology (I.A.F.T), is a network of   
practicing forensic specialists dedicated to the Educational Advancement of
Law Enforcement, promoting Justice through Education. The Institute was  
established to provide practical training to the criminal justice community.

Ezinearticles.com - A site that has a variety of articles on a wide selection of subjects.   
Also set up for the submission of articles from viewers.

Blutube.com - police videos good for training and humor

Killology.com - By Lt Col Dave Grossman. " Killology focuses on the reactions of healthy
people in killing circumstances (such as police and military in combat)
and the factors that enable and restrain killing in these situations."