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This course instructs the student supervisor in the basic concepts of management, and
employee relations.  It acquaints the student with the dynamics of police supervision.  
The student will be presented with the unique problems, as well as problem solving
methods, that arise in the law enforcement environment.  The student will become
acquainted with the legal aspects of police supervision and methods to insure employee
activities and performance.  The Student will participate in in-class exercises and
activities that demonstrate the application of the techniques and methods studied in the
class.  The student will be presented with instruction backed up by studies and research
in the field of police management.  Additionally, the student will be provided with actual
case studies discussing the material presented in the course.  

This Course is available in both a 24 and 40 hour format.

Course Overview
Overview of Police Management

An overview of current police management
practices to include the structure of the
police organization, styles of management
and research studies conducted on police

Morale and Leadership

A look at the effects of good or bad morale
in the police environment.  Methods used by
police managers and supervisors to identify
poor morale and steps to  take to improve
the morale.

Motivation and Changing Behavior

How to motivate the police worker in the
police environment.  Methods to change
behavior improving the performance of the
police subordinate.


Learn how to identify performance problems
in the work environment and structure
counseling sessions to improve worker

Kinesic Communications

Students will learn the basics of kinesic
communications and how to improve the
communications between the supervisor and
the police worker.
Liability In law Enforcement

The student will study the legal aspects of
being a police supervisor and how to insure
compliance with the law.


Students will review police ethics cases and
discuss steps to take in insuring ethical
behavior by officers.

Problem Solving & Decision Making

The student will be presented with methods
to identify, solve and make decisions in the
police supervision environment.

Dealing With Problem Employees

Students will review the different types of
problem employees and their possible
motivations.  They will analyze the behavior
of the problem employee and determine
whether or not to intercede.  The student
will identify the proper course of action in
each problem employee case.  Students will
identify methods to develop improved moral
and techniques to minimize the occurrence
of problem employees.

Social Networking
The course will look at the impact of  
modern technology and the
communications through social networking
and its impact on modern law enforcement.

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