Memory Techniques
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What is the name of
the person I just met?
What was that
number she just gave
I will never
remember all of the
speech I have to
What was the address of that call?
I can't find my
glasses or
I must make a list
for the store.
What was the
description of that
person can I remember
it all?
I must be losing my mind!
No Matter,
I probably couldn't remember what
to do with it if I found it.
The Memory Tool

The most important tool that we carry around with us is not something that we can
leave behind, it is something we fail to use.
What is it?..............It is our mind.  
The number of things we must learn, remember and use in a day is colossal:

Numbers, names, faces, locations, lists, appointments, schedules, dates,
addresses, descriptions, etc.

The list goes on and on and on...

As we go about our day to day life, there is an avalanche of information crashing in
on us.  The problem is not whether or not we can remember the information, the
problem is how to remember the information so we can find it when we need it.  
Some people think that their memory begins to deteriorate when they get older.  
That is not exactly true.  Our brain changes the way our mind processes information  
and we don't change with it.  Actually our memory can be even better when we get
older, if we know how to use it.  Often times we don't even try to remember,
thinking we will forget.  

Now is the time for a change.  This course will demonstrate
just how to use your brain and remember.
In just one short session of this Mnemonic memory course the student will
immediately see an improvement in their memory.

(With Little or No Effort)       

Commit a  list of 10 items to memory
after hearing them only one time without
taking notes (more if you choose).

Be able to recite a list of  10 items
in-order, reverse order, recall the item
by number or the number with the item
after hearing the list only one time.   
SWAT & Sniper Training
deployment information.  Gather
Memorize layouts, routes and
intelligence information without taking
Memorize layouts, routes and notes.

See or hear the description of a suspect
or vehicle and memorize their full
description without writing it down.  Great
for fast breaking events where stopping
to write notes is impractical

Memorize multiple tag numbers and
vehicle description after seeing or
hearing them only one time.

Under Cover Operations
Memorize names and faces of
undercover contacts or remember
important intelligence information without
writing it down, when writing it down
would blow your cover.
Learn how to recall the names and faces
Remember where you placed items so you
can find them later such as:  keys,
glasses, wallet, pens etc.

The techniques taught in this course are
easy to learn, easy to use and have been
proven to work.  

These memory techniques have been adapted
for use in many areas of law enforcement, tailor
made and taught for the police officer,
investigator, SWAT team and police manager.
Shoplifting Surveillance
Memorize the items picked up and
concealed by shoplifters.  Keep track of
items as they are picked up, concealed,
or discarded.

Easily memorize appointment schedules,
phone numbers, Professional contact
names, inventory, lists and much more.

Promotional Exams
Quickly memorize information for
promotional exams after studying it only
one time.

Ideal for officers or investigators on the
scene of a major event with multiple
subjects, witnesses, victims and
suspects involved.  There is not enough
time to refer to your notes each time you
talk to a person. Memorize the name and
face of each subject the first time you
meet them
This is not a trick!

"Even if it doesn't work,   
It works!"

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