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The Time line Model

The Time Line Model was developed by John Bowden, a retired veteran of  law
enforcement.  John developed the Time Line Model to make teaching and learning report
writing easier, not only for the student, but for the instructor.  He developed the Time
Line Model as a part of a distinct 4 step report writing process.  It enables the writer to
get it right before it is written, so it will not have to be rewritten.

John has taught over a thousand students the Time Line Model with incredible results.  
He has taught recruit and veteran police officers alike.  They have raved about how easy
the Time Line Model has made report writing.  Supervisors have been astounded at the
marked improvement by the officers, deputies and investigators,
in their report writing skills.

This course is excellent for both the report writer and the supervisor that reviews the
reports.  The Time Line Model gives the report writer and the supervisor a common
system of writing and reviewing the reports; it provides an easy to use, painless,
technique for feedback to the report writer.   The Time Line Model makes teaching report
writing a simpler, easier task.  After this course you will enjoy report writing both as a
student and instructor.

Student Comments

"After 18 years of report writing I finally found a sure way of doing it right."
"My report writing skills have improved, I should have taken this course sooner."
"My supervisors have already seen noticeable improvement in my report writing skills."
"After 18 years of law enforcement...I learned a lot of useful techniques on report writing."

Course Description

This course is designed to teach officers to write quality reports the first time, every time,
all the time.   I have found that the people being hired into Law Enforcement and the
people already in Law Enforcement have all of the necessary skills to write incident
reports.  Trainers  "hammer" these people to death with "English Grammar", trying to
improve their writing skills.  The problem is not their grammar skills; the problem is the
correct use of the skills they already have.  Incident report writing is different from other
types of writing such as administrative reports, research reports, creative writing, position
papers and expert opinion reports.  In fact, when properly taught, incident report writing
is easier than other types of writing.  This course concentrates on two major elements of
incident reports, clarity and organization.  Once these two elements are properly learned,
everything else falls into place.  The clarity portion is taught using examples from real
reports.  The "Time Line Model" enables the student to organize the report with little
effort.  There has yet to be a student that could not easily grasp the techniques and write
excellent reports.  The "Time Line Model" is an easily learned, step-by-step process to
police report writing that will insure a perfect report the first time, every time, all the time.  
This course covers basic grammar skills for writing reports and has an effective
approach to reviewing completed writing.  

8,16, 24 & 40 Hour Courses

Each course emphasizes clarity and organization.  The 40 hour course expands the
lesson by the application of advanced report writing exercises  and the analysis of real
police reports from real incidents.  The student will also participate in group exercises to
analyze writing scenarios

Course Overview
The Purpose of Report Writing

Why take a report?  The importance of
writing a report and the liability that
occurs when an officer fails to
adequately document an incident.

Clarity In Report Writing

What does it mean to be clear in your
writing?  The common mistakes made by
report writers and how to avoid them.  

The Organization of The Report

This course features the use of the
"Time Line Model" in organizing
information for the report. It is a sure fire,
step-by-step process that insures the
writer will write the report right, the first
time, every time, all the time.

Police Grammar

A basic review of English grammar skills
that are needed on a day-to-day basis
by criminal justice professionals.
Police Grammar

A basic review of English grammar skills
that are needed on a day-to-day basis by
criminal justice professionals.

Reviewing The Report

Checking your work.  Techniques for a
writer to review their own report after it is
written, to ensure it is correct.

Report Writing Scenarios

Realistic scenarios presented to the
student to practice the report writing skills
learned during the course.  After the
students complete the course, they will
have experience as well as knowledge to
take back to the job.

Constructing the Report

A step by step process of writing the
report with  the Time Line Model .Written
only once, correct and complete.
Criminal Justice Report Writing
The Cure for Report-A-Phobia
A Painless Remedy For A   Professional Malady

Do you like crime fighting but hate the paperwork?  Do you
dread the pencil pushing, mind boggling drudgery of
documentation?  You have Report-A-Phobia!  This course is
for you.  It will reduce your time, increase your efficiency and
eliminate your report anxiety.  This course features the Time
Line Model.  An easily learned, "step-by-step" process to
police report writing that will ensure a perfect report the first
time, every time, all the time.  The Time Line Model is a
process that works for every report writing situation.  It is
simple and easy to learn.   

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