Tactical Street Interrogations For Law Enforcement

This 8 hour course is designed for the street officer, the tactical officer, or any
officer on the go and contacting subjects on the street. Subjects contacted by
Law Enforcement in dynamic street environments are deceptive and are
trying to conceal information. The “Tactical Street Interrogations For Law
Enforcement” course is designed to teach the officer on the street to quickly
identify deception, establish a rapport and obtain information from the
deceptive subject. This 8 hour course will train the officer in the following
techniques to identify deception and overcome resistance leading to
acquiring information from street contacts:

The course is supported by video clips from real interviews and interrogations
supplying live examples of the techniques taught. They act as a guide for the
students to practice the skills and techniques taught during the course. This
course was written by John Bowden based on his 20 years of research and
experience in interviews and interrogations. It was developed to train students
on what really works in the field. It has been presented to line officers, police
investigators from across the United States and from around the world.
Students that have taken this course have reported excellent results using
these techniques. They say it has made a significant improvement in their
interview and interrogation skills and has resulted in more confessions. John
Bowden is the director of Applied Police Training And Certification, APTAC
and the author of many Criminal Justice Training Books Including
“An Investigator’s Guide To Interviews & Interrogations” This course is a must
have for the successful street officer.
Tactical Street Interrogations For
Law Enforcement
Quality & Excellence In Criminal Justice Training
Kinesics - body language
Techniques on how to establish a rapport
Meaningful behavior that indicates truth or deception
Key phrases and word use that indicate truth or deception
The 100% guilt response
Flag phrases that indicate deception
Speech patterns that indicate truth and deception
The Coordinate Behavioral Response Technique (CBR)
Hot and cold searches
The identification of micro-gestures  indicating guilt
Types of lies, their identification and exploitation
Identify Subtle indicators of admission
Identify and exploit the confession position

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