Our Name

"Applied Police Training And Certification"  

APTAC  represents the organization
and the type of training that is provided.  


The Term "Applied" refers to the applicability of the training that is presented.  
Many training courses today are presented to inform students of the concepts and
techniques contained in the course.  APTAC goes beyond that step. We know that
modern law enforcement officers are looking for tools, to better perform their job.  
APTAC understands this need and  presents materials,  information and techniques
that can be immediately used on the street, in the investigation, in the classroom and
on the job.  In other words, it can be Applied by the student at the conclusion of the
course.  In fact,  many students have actually applied the techniques and skills during
the courses, before graduation.  


The term "Training" in our name refers to the philosophy of our purpose in
educating our students.  The general accumulation of knowledge and education is
important and a worthwhile pursuit of every student.  However, it is the goal of
APTAC to provide, not just knowledge,  but to actually train the student in the use of
the knowledge and skills presented in our courses.  As a training organization,
APTAC realizes that training must be dynamic, entertaining, informative, productive,
effective,  and up to date to enable participants to absorb the information at a level
where it will be immediately useable in the field.  To meet these requirements,
APTAC uses a multitude of training techniques.  These techniques include dynamic
lecture, video presentations, video scenarios, student participation exercises, case
studies, chart diagrams, hands on activities and classroom demonstrations.  


The term "Certification" refers to the recognition of the training provided by
APTAC.  We use only certified, experienced and qualified instructors highly trained
in their field of expertise.   APTAC is certified by the Police Officer Standards and
Training (POST) Commissions in numerous states and we strive to insure that
training will be recognized for students to receive professional recognition and credit
for training.

It is the goal of APTAC to present a high quality training program to the participant at
a reasonable price.  All APTAC courses include all instructor materials and are
accompanied by student text books published by APTAC.  As a result,  APTAC
offers a satisfaction, money back guarantee to the customer as a representation of
our dedication to our Motto:

"Quality & Excellence In Criminal Justice Training."
Our Home

APTAC is based out of Oklahoma and has been in business since 1989.  
APTAC  markets Publications, criminal justice programs and materials used by
criminal justice students across the country.

APTAC  and its programs are certified for law enforcement training and
training credit  By The P.O.S.T. Commissions in all the states where we
provide training.   We only use instructors with experience in their field of
instruction and all our instructors  are certified to teach in their field of expertise.
Quality & Excellence In Criminal Justice Training
APTAC Affiliations

The following is a list of some of the organizations trained by APTAC and
organizations using APTAC training programs.  APTAC trained interrogation
instructors for the North Carolina Highway Patrol for use in basic and advanced
training.  APTAC trained the  Managers & FTOs at Vanderbilt University TN and
Clarksville PD TN.  APTAC has conduceted Advanced Report Writing Training for
Connecticut State Police Academy.  APTAC programs are used by Tennessee
Technical College Professors,  Nashville TN.  APTAC report writing programs are
used by Western Nevada Community College, Western Missouri Police Academy
and St Louis Municipal Police Academy MO.  Our interrogation programs are
used by The Virginia School Of Polygraph.   Florida Police Academies include
Miami PD,  South West Florida Police Academy, George Stone Police Academy
and others.   Our programs are used by South Western Community College NC,  
Western Piedmont Community College Police Academy,  NC and the Central
Shenandoah Police Academy VA.  APTAC trained the FTOs and supervisors At
the Wilson County Sheriff’s Department, Wilson NC.  Also, APTAC has trained the
master trainers for our FTO program for numerous agencies to include but not
limited to, the Navy Police in Hawaii, the Federal Defense Logistics Agency,
Shelby County Sheriff's office Memphis TN, and many others.s   APTAC  
conducted Interview & Interrogation training for all of the officers of the North
Carolina Wildlife Commission from the Colonel on down.  As a result of this
training, one officer resolved 98 criminal cases and in another instance 50 plus
cases were solved using techniques taught by APTAC.  This is just a sample of
some of the organizations that use APTAC programs and training.