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Applied Police Training and Certification (APTAC)
provides criminal justice training across the United States
on a contract basis.  APTAC is an organization that
specializes in the training of Law Enforcement,
Correctional, Probation and other Criminal Justice
Personnel at Universities, Colleges, Police Academies,
Police Agencies and Sheriff Departments.

APTAC also markets publications,  and training  materials
used by criminal justice students in their studies at
colleges and police academies across the country.

APTAC  and its programs are certified for law
enforcement training and training credit  By The
P.O.S.T. Commissions in all the states where we provide
training.   We only use instructors with experience in their
field of instruction and all our instructors  are certified to
teach in their field of expertise.
Quality & Excellence In Criminal Justice Training
The Following Training Courses
Are Offered By APTAC
Applied Police Training
And Certification
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