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June 9 Thru June 13, 2014


St Louis County & Municipal
Police Academy


Becky Murphy
(314) 889-8608

St. Louis CMPA
1266 Sutter Avenue
St Louis MO, 63133

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Field Training Officer
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I have been training recruits, FTOs and FTO Master trainers since
the early eighties. During this time I have found the San Jose' Model
training program to be the best and most effective officer training
program in use today.The one drawback to the program is the
intense  documentation and data collection which is a necessary
part of the  training program.  I have been looking for years for a
computer program that would easily document and process all of the
data collected by the FTOs, supervisors, administrators and others.
I have looked at many programs and have found them lacking in the
ease of operation and usability at all levels.

Bryan Selzer CEO of LEFTA systems, a police trainer and FTO has
brought together his experience as a police trainer and computer
programmer to develop the Law Enforcement Field Training
Application (LEFTA). This outstanding program easily allows the
FTO  to document the training given, the trainee to review the
evaluations,  the supervisor to oversee the documentation and
management to  collect data needed to administer the program.

The true beauty of this program is the logical manner in which it is
constructed and presented.  Anyone already familiar with the
San Jose' Model training program will find it easy to navigate the
LEFTA program.  After a short introduction and instruction I was
able  to use and navigate the program.  It has a short learning curve.

As The Director of APTAC and responsible for instructing hundreds
of  FTOs and FTO Master Trainers, I whole heartedly recommend
the  LEFTA system for any agency FTO training program.

             Read the information below for a more in depth
                            description of the program.

         Go to the
LEFTA Systems website for more information.